Troubleshooting Tales: Righting The Wrong of Polly's Dishwasher

Polly had purchased this state-of-the-art dishwasher in March 2023, eager to enjoy the convenience it promised. However, a few uses in, the dishwasher began displaying an ominous fault code. Concerned and understandably frustrated, Wong reached out to us for assistance.

Ideali is about selling premium appliances and ensuring they deliver on their promises. There was something wrong with Polly's dishwasher and we were on a mission to set things right and give her an experience worthy of Ideali. 

And so we set our sights to bring her Miele Fully-Integrated Dishwasher G7460SCVi back to life. 

Our response was prompt. Upon getting the call, a skilled technician was dispatched to Polly's residence to inspect and assess the situation. What we discovered was a classic case of a well-intentioned but perhaps inexperienced contractor who had improperly installed the dishwasher. During installation, the water inlet was neglected, allowing sand and debris to infiltrate the dishwasher through the water inlet pipe, ultimately damaging the water pump.

But we're not here to lay blame; we're here to find solutions. Our technician went to work, carefully disassembling the water pump and meticulously cleaning out the sand and debris that had infiltrated it. The troubled dishwasher was on its way to recovery.

This is a reminder of the importance of proper appliance installation. When it comes to purchasing and installing a new appliance in your home, due diligence is key in putting it all together in a way that works. Of course, accidents do happen and some things are just unavoidable.

With Ideali, we right whatever wrongs right away. We're here to ensure our products work seamlessly in your home and we’re here to give sound advice so that you don’t have to experience such hassle. Sometimes, unexpected issues can arise, but our commitment to finding solutions and providing expert service remains unwavering.