Speedy Recovery: Ideali's Quick Response Saves the Day for Pau

We cannot and will not ever settle to being a mere supplier of top tier products. Sincere, impeccable service is as much of our identity as providing the best appliances in the world. The case of our valued client, Pau, shines as a testament to our commitment to great service, even under tight deadlines!

Pau, a discerning homeowner, hopped on a journey to elevate his kitchen with the Siemens Built-In Oven HR678GES6B, purchased in August 2023. Unfortunately, an unforeseen mishap unfolded during installation – the oven's glass panel was accidentally broken by his contractor. A kitchen upgrade turned into a race against time as Pau and his family were moving houses. Such timing! Needless to say, the tight window of repair wasn’t an issue for us. The call to repair the item came on Monday and our team made the full fix by Friday. 

We don’t scare away from challenges at Ideali, in fact, we thrive on them. Our teams communicated and sprang into action, swiftly ordering the necessary replacement glass panel. Our objective was clear: ensure Pau’s kitchen was fully functional and aesthetically pleasing before the impending move-in date.

The clock was ticking, and our team worked tirelessly to expedite the process, making calls and bookings to ensure the job was done on time. We understand the significance of a fully operational kitchen, especially during a move. Despite the tight timeframe, we showcased our efficiency and dedication by completing the repair in just one week.

The case of Pau exemplifies our commitment to going above and beyond for our customers. We resolve issues and provide solutions that match your urgency. Our dedication to delivering quality and timely service is at the heart of everything we do.

We are a partner that stands by you in the face of unexpected challenges. Experience the difference at Ideali!